Nerve Stress


Chiropractors are nervous system doctors. Whether it is the pain of a pinched nerve, numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, headache, or heartburn, everything in the body has a nervous system component. The nervous system masters every other cell, and system, in the body. This is how chiropractors have succeeded in helping people recover from an exhaustive and wide range of ailments for over 117 years.

Chiropractic CareThe spine has many duties, which include: allowing the body to be weight bearing, allowing the body to be locomotive (move around), joining the body together as one, etc. It also has several primary duties relating to the nervous system, such as: housing and protecting the central nervous system, allowing dispersion of the peripheral nervous system, and providing kinesiopropreoception (body/joint position information) to the brain and spinal cord. It is in these later duties where spinal function or dysfunction influences the nervous system. Swelling of joint tissues in the spine from acute injury or degenerative conditions, such as degenerated discs, or herniated or ruptured discs, can lead to direct pressure at the spinal nerve root or cord. This nerve pressure translates to the brain as pain, numbness, and weakness or paralysis in muscles. This is a common result of subluxation in the spine, affecting the nervous system. It is also a common condition, readily corrected by chiropractic care.

There is another form of nerve stress that is less demonstrable on the MRI than the first but just as serious, and even more common. This is the affect that the subluxation has on joint mechanoreceptors and nociceptors which leads to  facilitation (hyperactivity) in the nervous system at the same level of the spinal cord. This noxious stimulus bombardment alters the activity of the spinal cord associated with every function at the cord level. The sympathetic nervous system especially, is spun into a hyperactive, discordant, and confused cycle that not only did the brain not initiate, but cannot even interpret. This subluxation-induced nerve disturbance goes unchecked in the body and causes malfunction in any related body system. It also most frequently goes undiagnosed by the field of medicine. Chiropractors, however, are specialists in diagnosing and correcting this form of subluxation-induced nerve interference.



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