Instrumentation And X-ray


Instrumentation is absolutely a necessity for identifying the vertebral subluxation complex with any accuracy. As we have explained, the result of the vertebral subluxation is the altered nerve. Thus, this is the main insult of the subluxation. It therefore stands to reason, that in order to identify it, you must find it through the nervous system.

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We use a diagnostic instrument called the ECS (electrical conductance scanner) measures the galvanic skin response (water density) supraspinally and paraspinally in order to detect increased sympathetic nerve activity at separate vertebral levels through the output of sweat glands, oil glands, and blood vessel dilation/constriction. These glands and vessels are segmentaly innervated, and share a connection with the vertebral joint and tissues via interneurons of the intermedio-lateral horn of the spinal cord.

The ECS is the most efficient and specific method of segmental examination of vertebral subluxation induced nerve dysfunction.   It is far more specific than nerve conduction velocity tests (very painful) or surface EMG, and far more sensitive than thermal scans.

We are the only Doctors in Abilene who utilize this technology.Doctors who utilize specialized instrumentation in their chiropractic examination, thereby, provide care that is more efficacious than those doctors who do not.

The x-ray is an absolute necessity for defining the parameters of the subluxation. One of the most common misunderstandings about x-ray is the idea that x-rays show you where the problem is. Most often, this is not the case. The x-ray does however display, in detail, the relative relationships of adjoining bones and their alignment. This information (called listings) is used only in order to select the appropriate chiropractic maneuver that will properly reduce the subluxation, once found. Specific directional subluxations require specific directional forces (given during the adjustment) to reduce them.

Every human being in the world has a differently shaped spine, and its own unique characteristics and circumstance. There is no normal spine, especially in those patients exhibiting symptoms of spinal dysfunction, such as those who would require a chiropractor in the first place.

Chiropractic x-rays are unique to chiropractic. Your medical doctor’s x-rays are not taken for structural, functional purposes (subluxation listings, weight bearing posture, full spine), but are for pathology screening purposes only. In other words, they are looking mainly for tumors or fractures. Unfortunately, in the field of chiropractic, there are those doctors who take x-rays but do not use any practical listing system or any appropriately matched chiropractic adjusting technique – thereby defeating the purpose of the x-ray, altogether. Essentially, the only value that is thereby gained is for chiropractic contraindications to the adjustment, i.e. tumor or fracture in which case, your medical films would have worked just fine.

Chiropractors who utilize chiropractic x-ray analysis thereby, provide care that is more efficacious than chiropractors who do not.

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